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Where members of the Health Tracking Network live:
USA mainland/Hawaii/Alaska = 48.4% (245)
Canada = 7.7% (39)
Africa = 7.1% (36)
Asia = 11.5% (58)
Europe = 22.7% (115)
Latin America/South America/Caribbean = 0.6% (3)
Oceania/Australia/New Zealand = 2% (10)

Since April 28, 2011, total number of members = 506

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Illness rates

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The rates of common illnesses were very low during the summer of 2012 in the Northern Hemisphere. Influenza-like illness increased noticeably in October, and gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and colds increased steadily through the fall and early winter. From late winter through early spring of 2013, illness rates generally fell.

Illness rates will be summarized for other parts of the world once enough members from those areas join. All members, no matter where they live, help in finding factors related to common illnesses. Results on these factors are expected in the second half of 2013.

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